Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Published Date: 2016-07-27 16:48:45

Manaslu Trekking is perfect for those who are looking for some experience of wilderness trekking in isolated land. Many trekkers love to combine Manaslu Trek with trekking in Tsum Valley which is also known as Beyul Kimolong, the hidden valley of happiness. We get many queries regarding Manaslu Trek difficulty.
Technically, Manaslu Trek does not require any previous mountain trek experience. However, you need to have strong stamina and fitness level.
Manaslu Trek Walking Time
Expect to walk for 6hrs to 8hrs in an average while some day you might have to walk for as long as 10hours while trekking days can be as long as 25days.
The highest altitude for Manaslu Trek is 5169m which is the height of strenuous Larkya La Pass.
Some day you might have to pass through rocky sections while other day you will move across rhododendron forest and meadow.
Manaslu Trek is a remote trekking. The trekking road is far from motor road. However, hotels and tea houses have slowly begun to open in Manaslu area so teahouse accommodation is now available.
We have opened booking for Manaslu Trekking 2016.   


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