How dangerous is Manaslu?

Published Date: 2017-06-16 14:30:08

If you are wondering about how dangerous is Manaslu, then let us tell you, despite people's consideration about Manaslu as easy climbing peak, though the climbing can be a life time adventure, the route is prone to landslide and collapse. In a sunny afternoon the snow can melt which may result in occasional avalanches. A climber should have adequate adeptness of altitude, proficient climbing, and strong preparation; pushing oneself within slim time worsens the situation. The exact degree of danger cannot be measured considering a single factor alone, thus, the degree of risk is a cumulative result of the weather condition, the capability of the climber, the potential hazards, and any other technical unforeseen circumstances. With the height of 8156 meters, located at the western Nepal, Manaslu is the world's eighth highest peak in the world. Like any other mountain peaking 8000 meters in height, to make a summit successful a climber has to consider the particular time of ascending. Each change in weather brings fresh deep snow which could be very much problematic. The mountain has many lengthy ridges and valley glaciers, which makes the trekking and climbing more convenient. The risk isn't any worse than climbing Mt Cho Oyu, the route prone to avalanches is what makes Manaslu a dangerous peak to summit. Crossing the Larke La Pass can invite some difficulty. Experience of climbing Manaslu can be of very much help before climbing other high altitude mountains. Autumn season isn't considered good for climbing this mountain as the likelihood of hazards is pretty high; but the Spring season serves best for climbing Manaslu-- the weather remains good and stable.
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