Manaslu Trekking in Nepal

Published Date: 2017-06-22 12:13:12

Manaslu trekking in Nepal is one of the most desired and sought trekking of 8000 meter peak in the world. While trekking Manaslu, you will start to rise higher and higher from the sea level very fast. It might sound funny, but trekkers also die because of being in the way of donkeys! You should let them pass, maintain space, and should avoid being in their way. Trekkers also die due to blowing wind! The wind is very chilly, and night is extremely cold; thus, you've got to ensure that you've brought enough clothing with you. The best time for trekking would be during October through to November; or April through to May, at least. You would be amazed to know that while trekking Manaslu, you will be able to experience six climate zones: in the whole Mansalu Conservation Area. You can also view about ten mountains ranging 6500 meteres above in height. The most interesting reason to opt for this trek is to see the blue sheep. You may not have enough access to internet, as only three to four villages can provide you the service. You may make your taste buds happy and excited with delicious foods that are often less expensive. If you speak in English, you may not have any language difficulty. Furthermore, you do not need to carry heavy weight of gears; few gear is required. But before heading off to the trek you might want to concern about altitude sickness. Hiring a guide is must for this trekking. With you four passport sized photographs, your guide might arrange you a permit. This trekking also offers you the beautiful landscape of gorge from the river Budhi Gandaki. This trek actually is the historic trails, where people used to travel for trading salt. You might also enjoy the village of Bhotias—the Samdo village. Through the forest full of rhododendron and blue pines you might love the local ethnic communities and teahouses. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek offers you the best package for Manaslu trekking in Nepal. We are interested in getting an opportunity from you to take you to the most beautiful trails in the globe. For any information, you might want to contact us.


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