Manaslu Expedition-2017

Published Date: 2017-07-09 16:07:24

If you are wondering about Manaslu Expedition 2017, you've come to right place; it is safe even after Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015. The trails that had been washed away are restored and bridges have been laid across the rivers. Teahouses are rebuilt providing safe accommodation to tourists. The trails blocked by landslides are either rebuilt or substitute routes are made by native villagers. Manaslu trekking isn't less spectacular than any other trekking such as, Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp. You might want to hire local guide along with a porter. Make your year more thrilling and adventurous.
This expedition can satisfy your desire to summit 8000 meter peak. Severe crevasses, debris and ice falls, avalanche, etc. can be very dangerous in this expedition, for which it has been well known. This mountain doesn't have many Sherpa and guides. Thus, if anything unforeseen happens it does require quite time to manage and recover to advance forward. You need to respect the mountain and mountaineering, and should never let your guard down, as it has been well known for deaths of climbers. Despite lack of technical climbing, it is easily reachable eighth highest peak in the world. Through forest of rhododendron and pines, you will be welcomed in the community of Tsum and Nubri. The ideal time for the expedition is before monsoon and during the spring season. During your expedition you might get glimpses of ten other peaks with altitude above 6,500. The Tsum valley was restricted few years back, but since it has opened, it has been a major center of attraction for many tourists.
Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek provides you the best package for Manaslu Expedition 2017. Our best experienced and reliable guides will take you to the mountain and enrich your mountain experience. You might be captivated by the culturally rich Tsum valley that is a mini-world in itself, with its own history of development and language. If you are willing to go for adventure this year, do not forget to give us an opportunity to make this year of yours most important year in your whole life. 


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