Trek Manaslu with local trekking agency

Published Date: 2017-11-10 11:51:08

Trekking with local trekking agency is cost-effective and can be even more fun. Manaslu circuit trek is one of the remote treks in Nepal, which takes you through several traditional villages, lush green forest, passing rivers, streams, and making through the Larkya La Pass, including visit to the Manaslu base camp. This is the rare combination of adventure, spiritual touch, rich culture, exploration of the relatively untouched part of Nepal, and natural beauty. Being one of the underrate treks in Nepal, this trek attracts less number of crowd in comparison to other classic treks. Since some of the areas that this trek covers fall in the restricted area declared by the government, you are required to be travelling in a group of at least two members, and must be accompanied by a guide.

Trekking with local trekking agency is cost-effective; as you know, the international trekking agencies make their tie ups with the local trekking agencies of Nepal, which increases the number of middleman sharing the payment you pay for the trek. However, if you directly consult with a local trekking agency of Nepal, you exclude the number of unnecessary middleman, and save the excess payment in the name of international trekking agency. Also, since it explores the rural and remote parts of Nepal, with less number of teahouses in comparison to other treks, you should be accompanied by somebody who has depth knowledge about the area, and who is very familiar with this region. You might be intimidated by the dramatically low amount of cost if you hire a guide personally, however, it is to be kept in mind that not any random Nepali citizen can be a guide to you. The guide must be registered, possess valid ID, and has license.
If you directly consult a local trekking agency, this saves you from the worries whether you are getting a quality guide or not. Also, the trekking agency make all the prior accommodation and food arrangement prior to your arrival at the scheduled place, ensuring that you get the accommodation and food easily, and do not have to camp in its scarcity. Manaslu Tsum Valley trek is a pioneer trekking agency in Nepal that has successfully completed several trekking packages in Nepal without any accident. We are a group of experienced, proactive, dedicated, and motivated professionals. For more information about any trek in Nepal, or our services, do contact us.


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