Manaslu circuit via Tsum valley

Published Date: 2017-11-24 15:52:39

Manaslu circuit via Tsum valley trek is one of the most popular remote treks in Nepal offering you the perfect blend of adventure, rich culture, and beautiful landscape. Throughout the trek, you shall get to see spectacular valleys, Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Budhi Gandaki River, Sama Gaon, several monasteries, and diverse vegetation and animals. In a single journey, you shall get to experience the six different climatic zones. Throughout the trek, you shall make through as low as 550m altitude to as high as 5,106m altitude; Larkya La Pass (5,106m) is the highest point you shall make during this trek. Tsum valley is the one of the original, untouched, and pure village in Nepal that offers you the best cultural experience; Tsum valley has its own language and culture, which is much more similar to the Tibetan culture.
The trek starts after your arrival at Arughat via a drive from the Kathmandu valley. From the Arughat, you shall drive to Soti Khola. Then, you shall start trekking to Machha Khola. Via Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Shyala, Sama Gaon, Manaslu Base Camp, Samdo, Larkya Phedi, Bimthang, Larkya La Pass, Tilje, Sirichaur, you shall reach all the way to Besisahar, from where, catching a vehicle, you shall return back to the capital city. March to May and September to November are considered the best times for Manaslu circuit via Tsum valley trek. The lower altitude areas is quite warm and the high altitude areas are pleasant to walk during March to May. Similarly, the lower altitude areas during September to November are pleasant to trek during and the high altitude areas are not too cold; however, you might feel considerable cold during evening and morning. October is the busiest month in the whole year that attracts maximum number of trekkers in this region.
Trekkers praising the classic treks such as the Annapurna Circuit trek, or the Everest Base Camp trek have realized that these destinations are commercialized and are highly influenced. Due to which, the trekkers are preferring some of the less touched and influenced areas like the Manaslu circuit via Tsum valley. Some of the regions in the Manaslu regions are declared restricted by the government. You aren't allowed to do solo trekking in these areas. You must travel in a group of at least two members and must trek along with a professional guide, or a porter guide. However, mind that any random Nepali citizen can't be your trekking guide, a guide has to be registered, must have a license, and possess an ID card. Managing such guide on your own can be quite difficult for you, since, you might want to have the best guide from all the registered ones. This is why doing the trek under the partnership with a domestic local trekking agency is best. You are recommended not to choose an international trekking agency, this increases the cost of your trekking.
You aren't required to have any athletic body fitness to do this trek. A body that is capable enough to do long duration of trekking for some days in a row is sufficient enough to do this trek successfully. However, if you do have some previous trekking experience in the rugged hilly and mountain region, this might help you a lot. Your body shall know how to adapt in the high altitude areas. Otherwise, you can do some cardiovascular exercises few weeks prior to the Manaslu circuit via Tsum valley trek. This brings your body in proper shape, size, and physical condition. Throughout the trekking, you shall get pancakes, chapatti, potatoes, etc. with tea or coffee for breakfast. Dal Bhat, potatoes, spaghetti, etc. for lunch. Dal Bhat is the most popular dish item that you shall find in every dish menu throughout the trek. It comes with rice, lentils, and varieties of green vegetables, meats, Papadh, and Saladh.
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