Trekking guide to Manaslu and Tsum Valley

Published Date: 2017-12-08 13:49:09

Your search for trekking guide to Manaslu and Tsum valley ends here. We’ve covered some of the best tips to direct you that might help you during your trek. Before moving towards the tips, let us inform you that some of the regions in the Manaslu region are declared restricted by the government of Nepal. Trekking through these areas require you to obtain special permits. Also, you need to comply with the government’s provision that you trek in a group of at least two members and must be accompanied by a professional guide or a porter guide.
When to do the Manaslu trek?
March to May and September to November are the months considered best for doing any trek in Nepal. The reasons why March to May is considered best are because the low altitude areas might be quite warm, but the high altitude areas offer you the best weather to trek in. Similarly, the low altitude areas pleasant and the high altitude areas are quite cold during September to November. The nights and mornings can be really cold during the winter season. Though trekking in winter season is possible, you might not love to experience the misery of trekking during this season.
What permits are required for Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking?
You are required to have Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit, Restricted Area Permit (RAP), and Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit to explore the Manaslu region. In addition to this, you are also required to obtain the Tsum Valley Trekking Permit to explore the Tsum Valley. You have to pay US$70 per week per person for the first week, after which you shall be charged US$10 per day per person for RAP during the months of September to November. However, from December to August, you shall pay US$50 per day per person for the first week, and US$7 per person per day. You shall be charged NPR2, 000 for each ACAP and MCAP permit. The Tsum valley permit cost is of US$35 for the first 8 days during September to November, and US$25 for the first 8 days during December to August.
How difficult is trekking in the Manaslu region?
Manaslu region is one of the difficult regions in Nepal for trekking; however, you aren’t required to have an athletic body fitness to complete the trek. A moderate level of body fitness that can endure long hours of walking for some days in the rugged route is sufficient for the trek. Also ensure that you do not have any severe problem with your body that might affect your trekking. It is suggested to do some exercise before trekking, especially the cardiovascular exercises. Since you shall be trekking in high altitude, you have to be concerned about letting your body adapt with the growing altitude and less content of oxygen in the air. If you walk slow, take plenty of rest, spend some time in the growing altitude, pay proper attention to hygiene, you shall not face any difficulty to complete the trek successfully.
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