Manaslu Region Weather

Always remember to ask for Manaslu Region weather to your travel Agent to enjoy the most out of your Manaslu trekking as weather in this region keeps on changing. You can also check for Manaslu weather forecast online. Manaslu is a Himalayan region that is home to Manaslu- the eighth highest Mountain in the world.
 It gets very much cold in this region during winter season as temperature drops down below zero degree Celsius. Manaslu is located at higher elevation. October is the best month for trekking in Manaslu. If you want to trek this region in a least crowded season, then Manaslu trekking is possible also in the month of April.
Which is the best season for Manaslu trek?
 There are 4 seasons in Nepal. Autumn continues from October to November. Similarly, spring season falls from March and lasts till April. It is nice to visit Manaslu during autumn season. You can see snow fall after you reach 5000m elevation. Spring is the best season for trekking in Manaslu as you can see blooming rhododendron throughout the way. Climate in Manaslu remains rainy in the month of September and it begins to get cold from December onwards. Weather in May is cloudy with occasional rainfall.
 October is also best month for trekking in Manaslu as weather is fine. Sky remains clear. It is hard to cross Larke Pass in December while there is chance of storm in January.