Manaslu Trek Cost

If you are wondering how much is Manaslu Trek cost, you should know that you should pay permit fees along with other regular trekking expenses. Manaslu Trek permit cost has been determined by Nepal Government. This is the trekking of restricted area and thus demands extra price. Three special permits for Manaslu Trek are required in order to explore this region.
Following are Manaslu Trekking Permit Price:
  1. Manaslu Restricted Permit Fee
  2. Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit Fee and
  3. Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit Fee.
In addition to these fees, you will also require paying Tsum Valley Restricted Permit Fee if you plan to enter Tsum Valley.
Manaslu Restricted Permit Fee

Restricted Permit Fee is charged by Nepal Government for preserving the special area.
Restricted permit fee is USD 70 for first week of the trek. If you need to stay in restricted area for longer period, you will be charged USD10 per day afterwards. Restricted Permit fee may be slightly cheap during December and August than in September and November. Remember to ask with your travel agent about Manaslu Tsum Valley itinerary and how long will you be staying in the restricted region.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit Fee

MCAP Fee is USD 20 per person.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit Fee

ACAP Fee is USD 20 per person.
Tsum Valley Permit Fee
If you plan to go to Tsum Valley, you should pay Tsum Valley Permit Fee. It will cost you USD 35 for first 8days during months of September to November while the price is USD 25 for first 8days during December to August.
Along with permit fee, Manaslu trekking cost also includes lodging, food, salary of guide and porter and transportation cost.
Cost for Manaslu Trek is bit higher than other popular trekking packages in Nepal but it is worth the price. You will have wonderful experience and memorable adventure in Manaslu region.