Manaslu Trek Nepal

Manaslu region is a part of Great Himalaya Trail that offers great Manaslu Trek, Nepal experience. Relatively newly opened trek, Manaslu was considered remote trekking destinations a few years back with lack of proper facilities. But with the increasing charm of Manaslu among adventure enthusiasts, locals have started opening tea houses. So, Manaslu tea house trek is possible these days. If you are wondering when to trek to Manaslu, the best season for trekking in Manaslu is from September to October to November and from March to April to May. If you want to have an experience of least crowded trekking in Manaslu, you can go for the trek in the winter season. December and January are best months if you plan to go to Manaslu in winter. You can also go for Manaslu Circuit Trek in reverse direction.
We have started accepting booking for Manaslu Trek 2017. The itinerary is drafted by our travel experts after the great research and thus this trek is planned to give you the most of the awesome experience without making you go through the stress of long hours of trekking. There are rest days placed in the itinerary to let you enjoy the trek and to enable your body to get acclimatized with increasing altitude. Remember to take lots of fluid to avoid high altitude sickness.
Our trek begins from Arughat which is located in Gorkha. There are high passes like Rupina La and Larkya La. If you are looking for an alternative to classical Annapurna Circuit Trek, you can choose for Manaslu trekking in Nepal.