Manaslu Trekking Season

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are considered to be busiest Manaslu Trekking season. Period in between June to August has not so suitable climate as this is the rainy season. Winter season is at its peak in between December to February which is why trekking in Manaslu in these months will be difficult. Also, the thick fog and unclear weather makes it difficult to enjoy Mountain views.
October is the best time to trek Manaslu which is why this is also the busiest month and you will find it difficult to find room for accommodation in tea houses if you do not pre-book the room before visiting Manaslu. The fact that October month alone receives almost half of annual visitors proves that this is the best season for Manalsu trek.
If you like to trek through a less frequented area, then you can trek to Manaslu in April.
Manaslu Trek in Different Seasons
If you are wondering when to trek to Manaslu, you should know that Manaslu trek is possible even in monsoon and winter but then it is extremely challenging and not so popular.
In Spring
Spring season continues from March to May. Spring is the second-best season lagging behind autumn. Weather is quite good. Sky is clear, there is no mist or cloud to block the views and temperature is warm to moderate. You will also get chance to see blooming rhododendron.
In Monsoon
Monsoon season lasts from June to August. Forest becomes lively and there will be blooming flowers but the schedule often gets effected by harsh rainfall. There will be additional challenges of landslide and slippery trail.
In Autumn
Autumn is the best season for trekking in Manaslu and hence it is also the busiest season. Autumn season begins from September and lasts till November. October is best month if you want to trek to Manalsu in Autumn.
In Winter
December to February is winter season. Sky will be clear and mountains are at their best in winter but extreme cold will be a challenge to you.